Ecological Grief Ceremonies & Rituals Workshop

Mini-Course for Celebrants & Officiants with all levels of experience! This workshop is for people curious about an uncharted and changing aspect of ceremonies. It will be a shared creative/collaborative experience where attendees work with each other on ceremony elements and rituals.

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The destructive impact of humans and institutions on the Earth is forcing us to confront loss and grief on a scale that is difficult to handle.

Join Beth Stokes, instructor for our End of Life Celebrations coursework, to explore how to create ceremonies for individuals or groups that acknowledge our ecological losses formally through ceremony.

During the workshop, we will work with the knowledge that people in different locales may have different goals or scopes of concern. We'll think of ways to reply to those concerns with ceremony and ritual.

Celebrants & Officiants with all levels of experience can help others reaffirm their commitments and hopes, and clear a path for renewed action to protect our planet.

Ecological Grief Ceremonies & Rituals Workshop


MON. 12/13/21 @ 7PM (ET)

  • An understanding of ecological grief

  • Knowledge of ceremony as sources of healing

  • New and varied intentions behind ecological grief ceremonies

  • A standard framework to start from

  • Nonreligious discussion honoring all living things

  • Suggestions for how to personalize a ceremony to your specific situation


The funeral profession has been static for a long time. We like to do things differently!

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