Prospective students must complete an application in order to join any of our online Certificate Programs or Individual Course Offerings. Space is limited to 12 students per cohort. 



Unsure which program is right for you? Our coursework applies to Celebrants & Officiants with ALL levels of experience. The program and course descriptions below will help you understand our curriculum and the level of commitment required in and outside of class each week.

Masters Celebrant Certificate

Six month program introduces a new module every 4-5 weeks. 

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Associate Celebrant Certificates

Three to four month training in a targeted area of celebrant work. 

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Life Transition Ceremonies Course

Four-week course on life's rites of passage, offered 2x annually.

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End of Life Celebrations

Earn an Associate Certificate, or apply for the single course.

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Our most elite certification requires completion of six (6) different modules before earning a Masters Celebrant Certificate. Each module is taught over 4-5 weeks. We meet in ‘real-time’ via Zoom, then assignments and group discussions happen between sessions. Each class is 90-minutes and is recorded for individuals who must miss a live class. All six courses are pass/fail. *READ ABOUT EACH MODULE BELOW*

Our goal is to help you define your own career path as a celebrant! As we do so, this course will help with your understanding by covering the history of Celebrancy, its origins and countries of importance. We will learn about pioneers of celebrant led, secular ceremonies across the globe. 

Moving on to Celebrancy and the United States, through the Humanist worldview we cover American legal issues and state laws. As well as the paths you can take to be legally recognized as a marriage officiant, plus an overview of various celebrant-led ceremonies and a useful observation schedule.

Students will also work with their instructor to create a business plan to either start their new business, or take their current business to the next level. 

In a month's time, students will travel around the world to see how various cultures and countries use symbolism and ritual in their ceremonies. As a hands-on course, students will work collaboratively on the project-based curriculum to learn about diverse practices, then apply them directly to client work. 

With a better understanding of the purpose of rituals and new confidence from practicing with our group, students will have what they need to create unique and meaningful rituals based on the background and interests of clients.

Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling! It's become a buzzword as we share so much of our lives on social media. But telling a ‘love story’ takes real practice.

Become the best possible writer and storyteller by improving the structure of your ceremonies from full-scale weddings to elopements and micro-weddings.

You will learn new tools to get the most out of traditional components and make the words of each element more meaningful. 

Speaking in public is an art, dependent on elements like tone and pace. You cannot wing-it when it comes to the most important day of someone's life!

You may be able to write a fabulous ceremony, but if your presentation skills are lacking, they are just words on a page.

This course covers all things presentation, from the basic principles of effective public speaking to the actual application of those principles. 



You may be a great celebrant, but are you a good business owner?

Learn best practices for scheduling, time management, filing systems, keeping tax records, preparing contracts, selecting fees and making sales. 

This course also goes DEEP into the customer experience and how you can provide the best customer journey for your couples.

You will complete this course with the backend of your business in tip-top shape and a workbook packed with everything you'll need for your success. 

Everything about you is a marketing tool if used properly! In the world of social media and online influencers, how do you stand out? This course will explain all the new ways celebrants can get new business through online marketing, AND help you make the most of in-person marketing opportunities as well. 

Students will set realistic and trackable marketing goals, discover online tools that work best for celebrants, and get more comfortable with all things social media! Key takeaway materials and class collaborations make this a must-take course. 


To maintain a high-level learning environment for our students and instructors, we only accept 12 students per cohort. Our curriculum is rigorous and collaborative, allowing members of each cohort to learn from each other while making huge improvements to their own services and business operations. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain confidence to work with new clients and to create exceptional secular ceremonies
  • Become highly sought after by clients and venues
  • Achieve respect from peers and wedding professionals
  • Fill a growing need for secular weddings, funerals, baby namings, life transition ceremonies
  • Increase sales through your bookings and pricing
  • Seek knowledge with University level courses on all aspects of celebrancy
  • Cover your costs of an Associate Celebrant Certificate within two weddings
  • Priceless networking that pays for a Master Celebrant Certificate within four weddings
  • Get lifetime access to our continually growing library of materials
  • Collaborate for life with our online Celebrant group
  • Be the first to know about new specialized classes and retreats
  • Stay ahead with sustainable mentors and coaches
  • Write more personalized ceremonies that will be talked about by couples, guests, and wedding professionals
  • Market your position as an authority with regard to weddings, funerals, as well as speaking engagements



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