What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is someone who is trained in the art of creating ceremonyCelebrants typically go through a rigorous and thorough educational program of studies and work for clients who want a highly personalized ceremony and customer experience. Celebrants meet the increasing need for secular ceremonies for weddings, funerals, and other life transition events.

Celebrants in the United States

While Celebrants are widely used in other parts of the world, they are still fairly uncommon in the United States. The flood of individuals getting 'ordained' online in the US has brought confusion to those wanting a ceremony outside of a church setting. Different from online ministers, Celebrants bring a high level of expertise, working closely with clients to create unique, engaging, highly personal ceremonies.


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Every month, our instructors hop on Zoom to meet prospective students, review the coursework, and answer your questions. Attending is the best way to know everything before you enroll. *Open House attendees get access to tuition discounts too!*


Celebrant Academy - What we do!

Celebrant Academy prepares contemporary Celebrants, and those new to Celebrant or officiant work, with the in-demand skills that meet the growing market need for secular weddings and other important life celebrations. More than half of today's weddings, now a $76 billion industry in the United States, are between individuals from different religions, races and ethnic backgrounds. The need for highly skilled and trained Celebrants is on the rise! We offer a powerful and nurturing space online for you to become a leading authority on Celebrancy. As an innovative certificate program, our coursework focuses on ceremony creation training, business coaching and marketing tools for motivated individuals. Our instructors lead ‘real time’ video lessons online each week as participants become more empowered professionals. The program is engaging, hands-on and highly collaborative. Various commitments to training and industry-recognized levels of experience can be earned in six months, three months, or course by course. You will gain the confidence to work with new clients, write exceptional secular ceremonies with ease, increase sales with new business tools, obtain university-level knowledge on all aspects of Celebrancy, and stay ahead with sustainable mentoring and meaningful networking opportunities.

Hear real success stories from real Celebrant Academy students & graduates!

If you are new to celebrancy or an experienced officiant, this program can work for you! The wedding industry is ever-changing, and more people than ever are looking for qualified celebrants for secular ceremonies of all types. We will help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your own business goals!


What is Humanism?

What is modern Humanism? What are the values of a Humanist Celebrant?

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Enrollment is open! Feel free to contact our instructors with questions about Masters or Associate Certification, single course options, or our coaching services. We're here to help!


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