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Other Wedding Vendors are Noticing the Importance of the Ceremony

wedding celebrations Jan 08, 2020

Joy is our job perk! Wedding Celebrants have the honor of working with couples during the happiest time of their lives. Doing it along side other talented and passionate professionals doubles the joy-perk and then some! Cait Kramer Photography is no exception.

Cait's attention to detail and industry insight is a breath of fresh air, and she was more than willing to learn and share exactly what we do as Celebrants! This led to our Director, Donna Forsythe, breaking it down for Cait's online community by sharing some important insights. 

Read Donna's full interview on Cait's blog!

Donna Forsythe (center) worked with Cait Kramer Photography at the wedding of Dan & Kait at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, DE. Impressed by the other's work, the two wedding pros continue to share stories and insights in collaborative ways!

FROM THE BLOG: "A new year is upon us, and with that, many newly engaged couples will begin planning their upcoming weddings. What venue will they use? Who will their photographer be? Pinterest boards will be created to save photos of centerpieces and dresses. But one thing that will most likely not be represented on their boards will be The Ceremony. Why?"

Yes, WHY do some engaged couples sit on the Ceremony planning for longer than other smaller details of their big-day? Because couples often don't know where to begin. Religious and/or cultural differences, or the lack of ties to either, can leave couples pushing off the parts of a marriage that you can't see, touch, taste, or smell. The ceremony is what you FEEL, and when done right by a professional Celebrant or Officiant, you and your guests will remember that feeling forever.

(What religious and cultural difference, you ask? Read the latest stats on this growing marriage trend on our Resource page.)

It is always our goal to educate others about Celebrant work and help engaged couples navigate the important life celebration that comes BEFORE the party! Sometimes relying on a friend or relative rather than hiring a ceremony professional can leave a bad taste in your mouth no matter how yummy that cake is!

We're so happy Cait asked us to break it down for everybody, and we hope you enjoy the quick read on her blog!


Let's hear it for Dan & Kait (swoon)! Check out all the lovely photos from their big day by Cait Kramer Photography!




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