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Love Has Not Been Canceled: Help Prepare for the Micro-Wedding Rise!

We recently heard the line, "Love has not been canceled." A valid point and five small words that have inspired us to stay positive and lean-in to our responsibility as leaders. We can only speak from our experience, which has been that couples in the northeast region of the U.S. with plans to get married in March, April, May, even June, are rescheduling.

We have heard from couples who plan on having an intimate elopement on their original wedding date and save their big celebration for later this year, or early 2021. Couples who planned a destination wedding are also reaching out with new plans to have an elopement or micro-wedding closer to home. This is likely the scenario for Celebrants and Officiants around the globe, and we're the lucky ones in the wedding business. We've boasted that one reason to become a Celebrant is the low cost of ritual materials. This makes us lucky, because we don't have costly equipment or perishable products. Our product is knowledge, compassion and stories-- those supplies are full over here!

BOTTOM LINE: Our hearts are broken for every human as we are all in this together, yet we can help by preparing for a rise in unconventional ceremonies, micro-weddings, and elopements. We are a part of one of the most vibrant communities of problem-solvers out there and we're ready to help. 

Why should I prepare to help?

  1. Couples are seeing their deposits on "things" disappear, while nothing can take away their vows and promises. Behavior may begin to shift toward placing more emotional "value" on a wedding ceremony, than the monetary value in other areas. 
  2. Spending enough time with each guest is always a big concern. Couples may opt for a smaller wedding to allow quality time with the people they haven’t seen in awhile.
  3. Micro; adjective; extremely small. Alternative venues may only hold small groups, requiring couples to rethink the size of their celebration. Cancelations from populated hotels and resorts will force new venues to emerge. (Imagine what beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces might be uncovered!)
  4. Love always finds a way... so do wedding planners! Like we said, all the wedding professionals we've met are great problem-solvers! They will collaborate with couples to find ways to ensure their weddings take place. 

I'm in! Where do I begin?

  1. Start writing. Once we solve all the wedding-world's problems, your ability to write more personal ceremonies will be very important. Writing, much like resilience, is a muscle you can make stronger by practicing. Start a Gratitude Journal, or write short stories and poems to mail to friends. 

  2. Get comfortable. Intimate crowds have higher expectations. Think about the cost of a legendary concert ticket for a small, intimate venue cost vs. an arena tour. All eyes will be on you, and now is the time to work through your public speaking jitters. 

  3. Step-up. Humans are vying for leadership and a sense of community, which is what we teach through a Humanist worldview. Humanists think for themselves, we value education, original thought and the here and now. These are valuable qualities to share as trusted leaders. Focus on where you can be the most effective leader, there is no need to be everything to everyone (remember, you've been through a lot, too!).

  4. Revisit rituals. Rituals feed an instinct to honor our unity as humans. Ritual reminds us of a greater connectivity and promote universal understanding. We've been estranged from normalcy of modern life, we ALL have been. By creating a new spin on age-old practices, Officiants can offer some closure with rituals that celebrate a love that is stronger than ever before. 

Remember, LOVE HAS NOT BEEN CANCELED and it's up to leaders in the wedding industry to keep sharing that positive message. We're all in this together! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Celebrant Academy Coursework and Certificate Programs schedule stands as is. We begin online Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 8:00pm (EST) with "Introduction to Celebrancy and Secular Ceremonies."  See the complete Coursework Library here! 



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